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Flexible Project Structure with Budgets

Projects can be setup with phases and sub-projects. The cost type and analysis codes are all user defined to simplify operations. Even terminology can be configured within the system for ease of use.  Budgets can be set in units and value at all levels.

Record Costs and Revenue

Review and Cost items can be user defined. Integration provides a single point of access for entering invoices which feed the financial and project modules.

Suggested Billing

Project Accounting can generate suggested bills based on materials and time entered on a project. Billing templates can be also be used to “trigger” customer invoices based on the status of a project – i.e. when 50% complete raise final invoice.

Monitor Timesheets

Time sheets can be entered online by the member of staff concerned. These time sheets can be authorised before being posted into the accounts and project accounting. A similar facility exists for expenses.

Fully Integrated

Benefit from single point of entry for financial transactions. Project status can be reviewed on screen or via CRM.

Commitment Costing

Monitor and Manage not only incurred costs but also commitment via purchase order processing.